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Why compromise? While you can have your lounges custom-made in configuration, measurement, and colour you like and delivered in 4-6 weeks.
  M-9928 Elec Recliner Modular with Chaise @ Factory M-9369 Elec Rec Home Theatre Lounge @ Customer M-9932 & M-9903  Elec Rec Home Theatre Lounge @ Customer  
  M-7745 Modular Light Grey @ Customer M-9903 E. Recliner with Console & Ottoman @ Customer  
  M-228 Off-White Modular @ Shop Floor M-8822 2Seater E. Recliner @ Customer M-8399 Red @ Customer  
  M-9928 Modular E. Recliner with Chaise @ Customer M-9932 Home Theatre Lounge @ Customer  
  M-8322 3Seater E. Rec & Ottoman @ Studio M-9968 135 Degree @ Factory M-9363 E. Recliner L Shape @ Shop  
  M-9399 E. Recliner with i-Table Modular @ Shop Floor M-9903 E. Recliner Modular with Chaise@ Shop Floor  
  M-399 Adjustable Headrests and Seats @ Customer M-9869 E. Recliner 2+3 @ Shop Floor M-9928 Modular E. Recliners @ Factory  
  M-8822 L Shape E. Recliners @ Studio M-9869 L Shape E. Recliners @ Customer  
  M-7745 Modular @ Customer M-9968 L Shape E. Recliner @ Shop Floor M-9369 2.5Seater E Recliner @ Factory  
  M-8822 L Shape E. Recliner w Console Arms  
  M-9338 Modular E. Recliner @ Shop Floor  
  M-9928 Modular E. Recliner Armless  @ Customer M-228 U Shape with 2 Corners @ Customer  
  Model: M-9928 Modular w Electric Recliners. Customer's house.  
  Model: M-9968 135 degree Corner with Electric Recliners. Factory  
  M-9903 Modular Chaise E. Recliner @ Shop Floor  
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