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 Tips When Buying/Comparing Leather Sofa
1. Craftmanship. We advise to view the outline of lounges in 2 meters
This is important as to get an overview of the craftmanship
/feel of the lounges, as lounges are made by hand and not machine.
A masterpiece will deliver a sense of Art.
Things to consider:
Is the craftmanship neat and tidy? 
A good supervision in lounge factory is to make sure made-by-hand lounges
are neat and tidy.
Is it appealing?
 A masterpiece is not only neat and tidy, but also appealing!
2. Comfort. We recommend to have it firmly comfortable and resilient.
Things to consider:
Are the back and arms high enough?
This is to support your head and arms comfortably.
Is the lounge too soft? 
Logically, it will sink quickly if it is too soft.
Do you feel the wood when you sit on it?
If it is high density and resilient foam, good seating structure, 
you will not feel the wood even after many years.
3. Leather. We advise to have it in genuine cow hides.
We suggest that you request to have a look at the leather sample A4 size or bigger.
Mostly used leather in the market  is Corrected Grain with Thickness
09-1.1 mm. Corrected means correction on the raw hides to cover the scars, marks, 
and other natural defect. Top Grade Leather is made of good raw hides with
less natural defect, and thus less correction is needed and the leather feels more 
comfortable and natural. There are several grades of upholstery leather in the market
, it depends on the embossing, thickness, softness, texture, chemical used,
functions. The most commonly used  is called Bovine (Corrected Grain with
Uruguay or Madras embossing and thickness 0.9-1.1mm).
Things to consider:
Feel the thickness of the leather. 
Try pinch the leather to feel the thickness. Normally upholstery leather is 0.9-1.1 mm.
Raw cow hide is thick and sliced in tannery,  first layer is called Grain Leather,
second layer is called Split Leather. Grain Leather should be used basically on
area you mostly touch, like back cushion , arm, seater, chaise, while Split Leather
may be used on side and back of lounges  where you barely touch.
Feel the elasticity of the leather
Try pull the leather to feel the elasticity. Grain Leather has better elasticity and 
softness than  Spilt Leather because of the grain. Beware of Softened Split  
Leather used in place of Grain Leather. Grain Leather should be for the front, 
Split Leather should be only for the side and the back.
We suggest you request to have a look at the leather sample A4 size or bigger
from the showroom.
More Tips To Come….
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